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Take A Hike Travel Agency in San Antonio, Texas is a travel agency with a certified Aussie Specialist. Not just an Aussie Specialist, but a Premier Aussie Specialist, which means extra training, an application process and approval from the ATC to receive this designation. There are only 133 Premier Aussie Specialists in the United States.​

Stacy Ruedebusch has been in the travel industry for more than 20 years. An Aussie Specialist since 1994, she has traveled to Australia twelve times. She has visited all states and territories and completed the advanced training for many of them. Stacy is a certified SCUBA diver and has been diving at Heron, Hayman and Lizard Islands. Australian wines are a favorite, and she has visited many of the wine regions, taken a balloon and camel ride in Alice Springs, walked around Uluru, hiked in Tasmania, traveled to the rain forest and Great Barrier Reef and seen the penguins on Phillip Island. She has visited Kakadu National Park, climbed the SydneyHarbour Bridge, visited Rottnest and Kangaroo Islands. One of her favorite experiences was noodling in Coober Pedy. Stacy can share many experiences, and would love to help you plan your trip to Australia – whether it’s your first or fiftieth!

DOWN UNDER ANSWERS is simply the best place to shop for travel to Australia and New Zealand. Explore the many wonderful travel offerings, from active, participatory vacations to more traditional itineraries. 

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We're a select partner for Down Under Answers, specialists in travel to both Australia and New Zealand. To find out more on the various packages, hotels and activities to these exciting destinations - please click the following link to read more about the vacations to Australia that we can arrange for you.