Take a Hike – A Travel Agency, a Virtuoso member, was created 20 years ago after having worked at another agency for over ten years. I was confident I could better serve my clients under my own “roof”. I think I have accomplished that, as much of my new business is referrals from existing clients.

Meet Stacy...

6111 Broadway Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78209.

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Email: stacy@takeahiketravelagency.com

I have a keen interest in discovering new places, and I live to travel. I love to help other people discover new places, too, and nothing is more rewarding for me than to hear clients tell me what a great trip they had!

Things change very quickly in the travel industry, and it is my job to help you stay abreast of the current specials, new airline procedures, travel restrictions and destination requirements.

I hold myself to a high standard as far as work ethics, and though I do charge a service for airline tickets only, I think you will find it is worth the additional charge.

Call me, or e-mail me, and let me help you plan your next trip – whether it is the trip of a lifetime or a quick getaway.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Stacy Ruedebusch

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